Materials Physics

The comfort and advancement of our civilization  mostly depends on the materials we use (that was already valid in the stone and iron age). Modern life and technology requires very sophisticated materials, such as nanomaterials. Due to their complexity, it is rather difficult and increasingly expensive to conduct all research in a laboratory.  It comes very handy, if we can predict something on a computer to guide the experiments. In our group we collaborate with several experimental groups all around the world and match experiments (Exp.) and computer simulations (Sim.).

Example of research

Knoll A., Lyakhova K.S., Horvat A., Krausch G., Sevink G.J.A., Zvelindovsky A.V., Magerle R. ”Direct imaging and mesoscale modelling of phase transitions in a nanostructured fluid” Nature Materials 3 (2004) 886-890.

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