Student Contest Announced: Why human exploration of the outer solar system and the stars?

Dr Phil Sutton

Due to COVID-19 issues, the Limitless Space Institute (LSI) is unable to host student interns during the summer of 2020. As an alternate approach to still be able to engage with students on the topic of bold space exploration, LSI will instead sponsor and conduct a student paper contest with the pinnacle objective of addressing the question of why – why human exploration of the outer solar system and on to the stars? LSI is in the process of addressing the question internally and would like to hear some perspectives from the next generation on this topic. As some excellent examples of video vignettes somewhat related to the question, consider the following two videos titled Wanderers produced by Erik Wernquist and The Frontier is Everywhere produced by Reid Gower. In both videos the creators make excellent use of some eloquent, compelling, and succinct words spoken by Carl Sagan accompanied by…

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About Phil Sutton

Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Lincoln. My research interests include moons, planetary rings and planets.

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