Undergraduate research

Research opportunities exist in our group on both undergraduate (BSc, MPhys) and postgraduate levels. They include BSc and MPhys projects and dissertations, as well as internships. They are equally open to UCLan physics and mathematics students.  At postgraduate level we accept students from other disciplines too, depending on their personal merit.

The Institute of Physics recognized that the research conducted in our group belongs to the best in UK.

Our best undergraduate students publish their results in the world-top scientific journals, present on overseas conferences, and can win prestigious internships. We collaborate with the top groups all over the world from Japan till USA; UCLan runs schemes, which can support  a student research visit abroad.

Our research is very interdisciplinary; chose a discipline below to learn more about our research:

In our research we use the instruments of the Mathematics, Theoretical Physics and/or Computational methods. Some of the work we do on computers can be called “virtual experiments”, but we do not conduct real experiments.

You can visit our group main web-page for more information.

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