Soft Matter

The term Soft Matter includes materials ranging from short amphiphilic molecules to block copolymers, proteins, colloids and their composites (milk is an example), microemulsions and bio-inspired systems such as vesicles and even human tissue. Our research considers several fundamental questions, including: how self-assembly of various soft materials with internal structure at the nanoscale can be understood, controlled and in future used in the newly emerging field of soft nanotechnology. Experiments in this field are very complex, expensive, time-consuming and sometimes can be even dangerous due to various chemicals used. Computer simulation and theory can guide the experiments via “virtual experiments” on a computer.

Example of research

Pinna M., Schreier L., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Mechanisms of electric-field-induced alignment of block copolymer lamellae”, Soft Matter 5  (2009) 970-973.

A journal cover.

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