You meet with our group twice during your Physics study, at the very beginning and at the very end. In your first year you study with us Introduction to Physics, which is the most important module of the year for you as future physicists. We dive with you into the physics of charges and quanta, and apart of the a set of facts, list of phenomena and equations, we learn how that physics happened in history of our civilization and why scientists of the past came up with their ideas. Most importantly we try to learn to think as physicists, learn to ask physics questions and look for the answers. With Tim Mercer you will learn also about a wonderful world of waves and optics as part of this module. In your study you will be using a world-leading online assessment system LON-CAPA. UCLan is the first UK university introducing this system, and this module is the first UK module, so you are the pioneers !

And in your last year we meet again. If you do BSc degree,  you can choose to do your final year project in our group in one of our research fields. The Physics project is the crown of your education, after succeeding in it you will become a real physicist.

If you are on MPhys program, we meet more. In your 4th  year you will study with us Molecular Modelling, using the most modern computational tools of the day. Some of you can also chose to do a mathematical module Advanced Laboratory in Theoretical Physics, and  a 4th year Physics project in our group.

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