Postgraduate Research Symposium

On Friday 30th September the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Lincoln hosted our first ever PGR symposium event. We invited alumni who are currently PGR students at other institutions to give a short (10-15 minute) presentation about their research projects alongside some of our own PhD students. The speakers were:

Chris Dickens (University of Lincoln)

Harry Finch (University of Liverpool)

Sorcha Hulme (University of Liverpool)

Charlotte Vale (University of Surrey)

Nick von Jeinsen (University of Cambridge)

Reece Jones (NPL & University of Strathclyde)

George Bell (University of Lincoln)

Alek Radic (University of Cambridge)

The event was a great success, with some fantastic presentations and some exciting conversations about the future. Over the coming days we will be writing a short blog post about each of the speakers’ talks. Watch this space….!

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