Guest Lectures From Industry

To keep our Mathematics and Physics programmes relevant to the key industries that our graduates will one day end up in, we invite industry speakers to give special lectures on how they use mathematics and physics in their job. Our modules “Industrial and Financial Mathematics” and “Industrial and Econophysics” aim to expose students to some of the many ways in which physics and mathematics is used to solve “real world” problems. The modules are intended to showcase some of the industrial applications of physics and mathematics with a focus on the finance sector towards the end. Invited industry specialists give the lectures for the industrial, introducing mathematical techniques and physics they have not encountered before. Unlike traditional modules where content is delivered and then assessed, the industrial modules focuses on the ability to self teach complex and unfamiliar mathematics and physics. This simulates a more realistic approach to solving a problem in an industrial setting.

Past industry speakers have included:

  • Neil Main from Micrometric who gives a tour of Micrometric, which specialises in complex engineering using lasers, followed by a talk on how lasers are used to engineer many of their products.
  • Flick Levett, a past student, now works at BAE and gave a talk about how physics is used in her role as electrical engineer.
  • Dr Martin Cawley is Head of Radiotherapy Physics and Lead Healthcare Scientist at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Martin Dr Cawley introduces various instruments he uses and maintains as part of his job in the hospital.
  • Prof. Natasha Maurits is a Professor of Clinical Neuroengineering at the University of Groningen in the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Prof Maurits talks about a variety of mathematical techniques and how they can be applied to help improve the diagnostics doctors make in a clinical setting.
  • Prof John Tyrer from Loughborough University gives two talks . The first discusses ballistics with a focus on the physics of high to hyper velocity impacts. The second talk is about spacecraft engineering with a focus on the mathematics for designing orbits of spacecraft missions.
  • Dr Phil Sutton talks about vibration analysis and includes some real case studies with the help of Triumph Motorcycles.
  • Dr Phil Assheton who worked in MASH talks about financial mathematics with a focus on options.
  • Dr Festus Agbonzikilo from Siemens talks about mathematical modelling for the design of industrial gas turbines.
  • Nicholas Brusby from Rolls-Royce talks about how mathematical modelling used in the design of aircraft engines.
  • Tom Crabtree is a senior meteorologist at the Met Office and talks about the modelling and forecasting of UK weather.
  • Alan Cowdale is a Senior Scientific Advisor at RAF Waddington and talks about how mathematics is used in the defense sector with a focus on mission planning.
  • A team from SRC talked about how mathematics is used in radars.
  • Louise Wright is the Head of Data Science and Principal Research Scientist in Data Analytics & Modelling at National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Louise talks about the mathematics used in various divisions within the NPL.

Below are some images of our 2nd year students presenting their posters on industrial applications of mathematics and physics.

About Phil Sutton

Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Lincoln. My research interests include moons, planetary rings and planets.

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