Superhero professor, James Kakalios, gets an honorary degree

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On 7th of September 2017 Professor James Kakalios was awarded an Honorary degree of Doctor of Science by the University of Lincoln for his achievements in advancement and communication of physics.

Watch the graduation ceremony (rewind forward to 48.5 minutes):

Oration text (by Andrei Zvelindovsky):

Chancellor, Pro Chancellor, DVC, honoured guests, graduates, I am pleased to present to you Professor James Kakalios on whom the Governing Body has agreed to confer an Honorary Doctorate of Science.

City of Lincoln is connected to physics long before the word physics came into use. Early in 13th century, in this very cathedral, the Bishop of Lincoln, Robert Grosseteste, was probably the first in Britain who wrote on wonders of nature such as rainbow, light and formation of matter in the universe. Today we honour Professor Kakalios whose research is in the field of condensed matter physics, the main physics research direction of the…

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About Andrei Zvelindovsky

Founding Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics and Professor of Computational & Theoretical Physics, University of Lincoln, UK

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