Edward Delaval event 2016

Maths & Physics News

By Lorna Davis

Physics students at the University of Lincoln have been recognised at a prize giving event for their hard work and effort on the course.

As the first cohort of Physics students at the University, staff thought an award ceremony at Doddington Hall would be a nice way to end the year.

Christopher Dickens was awarded the special Edward Delaval award. Christopher was presented with the award by Mrs Claire Birch of  Doddington Hall. Two commendations certificates were given to Hannah Thurlbeck and Robert Sharp, whilst Aaron Adams received commendation for his Physics Experimental Work. The commendations were presented to the students by Professor Toshihiro Kawakatsu from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, who is a member of our school’s External Advisory Board.

The student-lead Physics Society even gave out their own certificate for the staff member they felt they’ve got the most out of this year.

Lecturer Manuela Mura was awarded…

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About Fabien Paillusson

I am a theoretical and computational physicist. I am an Associate Professor in the School of Maths and Physics at the University of Lincoln. My interests lie in the modelling of complex matter, ranging from biological systems to powders, and in the foundations of physics.

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