My Journey to Barcelona

Centre for Computational Physics


My journey starts in the famous John Lennon’s airport the 19th of May 2013. I walk along the corridors of this airport, where some pieces of Lennon’s lyrics are written against the walls. I see so many tourists eating their subway sandwich, right in front of Lennon’s and McCartney suits, with no concern or whatsoever. I wonder if they had imagined that this could one day happen.

Leaving Liverpool on a sunny and unusually bright day, I finally arrive in Barcelona welcomed by this strong heavy Mediterranean rain. This journey starts taking a metaphorical scale.

I take a cab, as I do not know where my accommodation exactly is. I then decide to start experimenting my Spanish language skills with the driver. Surprisingly I do not encounter any difficulty. I finally arrive at the university of Barcelona, where a nice lady gives me my room keys.

The following day is…

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About Adelchi Asta

I finished my MPhys (Master of Physics) at UCLan. I worked on a computational project on nano-block copolymers and nano-colloids, supervised by Dr. M. Pinna. I have done an internship at ESA (European Space Agency), in the material department, during the summer and am now currently doing a MSc. in Applied Mathematics at the university of Bath. E-mail:

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